Welcome to Makeup Your Mind Girl LLC!


Hello Beauties!

Welcome to my world of whatever I want to do! I know you may say “what does that mean?” Well let me tell you…

 I have curated this brand to let you all know “You do not have to make up your mind! Do whatever makes you happy and whatever helps you sleep peacefully at night.” There’s no reason for you to have to limit yourself and play it small because “you do too much!” I am here to give you the comfort of knowing, we don’t all have it figured out, but we are always moving in the direction that brings self love, peace, and internal happiness.

All things beauty, fashion and self care

Here at Make Up Your Mind, Girl! we love all things beauty, fashion, and self care! I am the head artist of the brand and I LOVE to brighten your LIFE! Whether I am enhancing your beauty with my skilled craft of makeup, providing my carefully researched and tested lipsticks and glosses, cleansing and correcting your skin from impurities and free radicals from a specialized facial, removing unwanted hairs with a waxing session, and many other services as a studying esthetician, assisting in dressing you from my unique all black and white boutique, or creating a tranquil atmosphere with my home goods line, Wynter’s Bliss Candle Co., styling your events and making custom confections, I am pouring and doing for you with love.