Welcome to Makeup Your Mind Girl LLC!

About Us!

Here at Make Up Your Mind, Girl! we love all things beauty, fashion, and self care!

My name is Chanice, and I am the head artist of the brand and I LOVE to brighten your LIFE! Whether I am enhancing your beauty with my skilled craft of makeup, providing my carefully researched and tested lipsticks and glosses, cleansing and correcting your skin from impurities and free radicals from a specialized facial, removing unwanted hairs with a waxing session, and many other services as a studying esthetician, assisting in dressing you from my unique all black and white boutique, or creating a tranquil atmosphere with my home goods line, Wynter’s Bliss Candle Co., styling your events and making custom confections, I am pouring and doing for you with love.

How the journey began....

I guess you’re wondering how did this journey begin! Being a corporate worker and multifaceted/talented Chanice was HARD! I was tired of juggling my 9-5 and my joy of entrepreneurship. My husband watched me dreadfully go to work and hold back on my dreams and aspirations of being a 100% present/happy mommy. It just didn’t mesh, like oil and water! NOPE! Recollecting the sacrifices of my first two babies, I was fully convinced I couldn’t be the best mommy I wanted to be to my now, three children. After having my third baby, Wynter (may she rest well), I saw no other way to live life happily, as a happy and healthy mommy, so Mr. Hughes agreed that leaving corporate and pursuing my dreams was best. And every time I master another craft, you will surely be the first to get the services and products!